We are the only laundry in Rangiroa.

We aim to simplify your travel, by offering a laundry service with pick up and drop off. You will only need to call us, we will pick up your laundry at your accommodation, service it as requested and drop it off again at your accommodation. You will only need to worry about enjoying Rangiroa and your deserved vacation.

Wash & Dry

The basic. The quickest service. Perfect if you need it quick, before a flight

1.000f - 9€ - 10$ - 1100¥

Your clothes will be folded and ready to be packed into your suitcase

1.500f - 13.5€ - 15$ - 1600¥


We will  iron your clothes and then fold them, for you to have always a fresh look

2.500f - 22.5€ - 25$ - 2750¥


Don't waist your precious waiting for your laundry, we will deliver it once ready

500f - 4.5€ - 5$ - 550¥



The laundry will be "measured" by laundry basket. One basket equal one machine. If you want to separate colored and white laundry, please use more baskets. 

Unless differently specified, we do cold washing, if you rather prefer warm or hot wash, just tell us.

We aim to return your clean laundry in the same day or at the latest in a 24h period.


We are available for walk ins Monday to Friday from 7.00 am until 1.00 pm. You can also drop your laundry any time during the day and also on the weekend, but please do give us a call or text us on Whatsapp to be make that we are there. 

For the pick up service call us or text us on Whatsapp your name, which service you would like, the neame of your accommodation and from which time on we can pick up your laundry


One basket, or one washing, is enough for most couples 5 days vacation. Our basket can take up to 4kg of clothes. An example of what can fit one basket is shown here:


Wash & Dry


Va'a i te Moana BP356 98775

Avatoru, Rangiroa 


Tel: +689 87 32 36 16 

Walk-in Mo-Fr : 7am - 1pm

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